Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Primal Challenge day 9 and a sort of recipe for chicken fingers with a white wine pan sauce

weight: 135.2 (+1.6, net -1.2) Well it looks like my homemade Korean food bloated me up just as much as the restaurant food did! Oh well. Back to my regular cooking I guess. :)
exercise: Went to the high school track and "sprinted." I put it in quotes because what to me is sprinting is probably a leisurely jog to an actual runner! Haha. I felt like I was dying though. I walked 1.5 laps, jogged 2 straightaways, sprinted 2 straightaways, jogged 1 more, then walked another lap. Five laps total, which I think is 1.25 miles.

onions sauteed in butter
sliced tomato with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar
eggs fried in butter
basil on top of everything
raw walnuts
Rainier cherries

That was a lot of food! It was kind of too late to be breakfast and too early to be lunch, which was weird too.

2 oz raw cheddar cheese
1/4 of a granny smith apple
mug of earl gray tea

*chicken fingers with a pan sauce
sliced tomato with salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil
escarole, frisee, radicchio salad with celery, fennel, and white wine vinegar/extra virgin olive oil dressing

bite of Dagoba 87% dark chocolate
mug of lemon ginger tea

*The chicken fingers were pretty good, so here is my hodge podge recipe/method for the curious. :) I cut a pound of chicken breasts into 10 slices (5 per breast, including the tender as 1 slice). I put 2T arrowroot powder in a brown lunch bag along with 1 tsp paprika, 1 tsp oregano, 1 tsp sea salt, and a little minced parsley. Put the chicken in and shook it up to coat. Cooked the chicken in ghee until it was brown around the edges, then kept in warm in the oven. Made a pan sauce by deglazing the pan with 1/3 cup each white wine and chicken stock. Let it cook off a little and added a handful of chopped parsley. Thickened it with a pinch of the arrowroot and then melted in some ghee.


Yummy said...

hehe! I hear you on the sprinting! It's no fun when you are running at your top speed and a "jogger" passes you. hahahaahha!! :)
To make myself run faster I try and imagine someone or something chasing me. The first few sprints are always 10x faster than the last 2.

Anonymous said...

dude, sometimes i feel like a snail passes me on my "sprints". oh well. rainier cherreis! ME LOVES!