Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Local Summer - Week Two

I kind of slacked on One Local Summer this week. I was expecting an abundance of veggies from my CSA, which just started this past Monday, but instead all I got was a handful of salad greens, some garlic scapes, and a head of Chinese cabbage. It's been a rough, wet spring here in Virginia. So I headed to the farmer's market on Saturday (yesterday) morning to get some goodies for this week's local meal.

My planned meal included spicy chipotle chorizo made from free range buffalo and pork from Cibola Farms. I also picked up some red potatoes and curly kale from Pleasant Fields Farm. I was going to cut the potatoes and sausage into chunks and roast them together and serve them on a bed of braised kale. Alas, my meal was not to be. My husband and I decided to go to The National Zoo today and ogle the cute animals, which delayed lunch until 3:30 p.m. - a time falling squarely into what we refer to as "the black hole of eating." Neither of us was hungry for dinner in the slightest, so our local feast will just have to wait until tomorrow. Too bad the post can't wait for tomorrow, but OLS has a deadline. ;)

To see what other people in my region (Southern) have been up to, check out last week's roundup!


Yummy said...

Those sausages look so delicious!!
I love that you are doing the "one local summer" thing! It really is interesting how much tastier local foods in season are. There are always a few challenges with sourcing some local ingredients, which turns dinner into an adventure!

Anonymous said...

I buy sausage from the same people, They get to alot of farmers markets in NoVA. Goodstuff.

Flowerdew Onehundred said...

I have Cibola Farms ground buffalo in the freezer - haven't tried it yet.

My CSA in Middletown, VA got off to a slow start too, but I'm satisfied with what I'm getting from them (Echo Ridge).