Sunday, June 7, 2009

One Local Summer - Week One

Back in April I signed up for the One Local Summer event over at Farm to Philly. I thought it would be a neat way to challenge myself to really use more local and seasonal ingredients in my cooking. I'm excited to see what northern Virginia has in store for me this summer! We were pretty busy this weekend, so my first local meal was a pretty basic brunch we had on Saturday morning before heading off for the day.

We had bacon, eggs, and fruit salad with whipped cream.

The bacon I picked up at the farmer's market from a kind of local farm aggregate called EcoFriendly Foods. It comes from pastured pigs and is cured with just salt and sugar. It was definitely the best local bacon I've had so far, but not quite as good as the local bacon we used to get when we lived in New Jersey from Cherry Grove Farm.

The eggs were from Joel Salatin's famous and fabulous Polyface Farm. I joined their buying club a few months ago. Every month I place an order with them and pick it up from one of their northern Virginia drop off spots. I cooked the delicious dark yolked eggs in some of the fat left over from cooking the bacon.

The fruit salad was strawberries from Toigo Orchards and some not-so-local peaches (they came from Georgia via Whole Foods). I would have left the peaches out happily, but they were in my fruit basket and going bad, so into the salad they went. To top our fruit I whipped a little heavy cream from J-Wen Farm. Selling raw milk is illegal in Virginia unless you go through a cow sharing program, but the stuff from J-Wen is not homogenized and is just pasteurized rather than ultrapasteurized. The fruit was so naturally sweet that the whipped cream didn't require any sugar. I don't eat very much dairy at all, but I just had a hankering this weekend so I picked the cream up at the farmer's market.

And there you have it!


Anonymous said...

great post! i'm in northern va as well and have been trying to find more local resources, especially for the meats and such. thanks for the info on some of these resources!

Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to be close enough to Polyface Farm. I just got done reading The Omnivore's Dilemma and am now determined to find one similar to that in NH. I think I found one that exercises the same philosophy. Can't wait to try some REAL farm fresh eggs, chicken, beef, etc.

I'll check out your links also, maybe they will highlight some additional resources.

Anne H said...

Love those deep golden egg yokes! Once I raised two little chickens and they laid a bunch of eggs everyday. I gave them all away. I sure would eat them now. But I also gave the little chicks away.

FoodieTots said...

I really need to try some of these Polyface eggs. Looks delicious!

Lauren said...

You are so lucky to have access to food from Polyface! That looks like the perfect meal right there, Elizabeth. The yolks are beautiful and I bet just as yummy as they look!

Anonymous said...

It's great you have the opportunity to use such local foods. We don't, but we still do seasonal. This looked alot like our breakfast this morning. It is really satisfying!

gibby1979 said...

so I did the strawberries the other day but had found some fresh mint at the farmers market.
The mint added in with the strawberries was a great addition

Mary :: A Merry Life said...

That is great that you can use local produce . I wish I ate more fresh and local foods. I will have to look into programs like that in my area.