Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Local Summer - Week Four

One of the nice things about blogging on my own schedule is that I can wait until I have something good to show you before posting about it. Since I'm not posting on my on schedule with this One Local Summer thing, this week you get to see some of my blah food.

I guess it doesn't look too bad, but it was just meh. We had green onion burgers made with ground beef from Smith Meadows Farms, lots of green onions from our CSA and held together with an egg from our CSA. On the side was a little slaw made with kohlrabi and basil from our CSA and a touch of extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. We also had some lovely golden zucchini from Red Rake Farm with some more CSA basil, sauteed up with a little lard that I rendered from Polyface pork fat. Nothing was bad exactly, but there is nothing here I would make again.

The golden zucchini I got from Red Rake Farm were so pretty. The guy told me that the day before they had been about an inch or two long and they literally quadrupled in size overnight!

I hope he has some more next week so that I can find something yummier to do with them. :) In the mean time, check out what other Southern folks are getting up to this summer at last week's roundup.


Camille Acey said...

I really really like THIS Kohlrabi slaw recipe (minus the sugar)


Yummy said...

Elizabeth- that looks really good, especially the yellow squash. Sory it wasn't as tasty and exciting as it looks!
Your food photos always look so delicious and professional! :)
Have a great day.

Elizabeth said...

Camille - Thanks for the recipe! Kohlrabi is kinda new to me so it's always good to see how other people use it.

Yummy Gatherer - The yellow squash would have been so awesome if I had cooked them in butter, but I try to keep dairy products away from the blog so I cooked them in lard instead. Boo. Thanks for the comment about my photos!