Saturday, October 18, 2008

Paleo Meat Loaf

So this isn't really a recipe post. It's more of an idea of how to take some of your old comfort foods and paleo-fy them. :) For the meatloaf, the two bad ingredients that are in there are usually bread crumbs and ketchup. It's not great to just leave the breadcrumbs out because it really changes the texture of meatloaf for the worse. So what I do is substitute minced mushrooms, onions, and garlic for the breadcrumbs. Sautee them a little first to lose the raw onion taste. To get a nice sweet tomato topping without using ketchup, what I do is to take one can of fire roasted crushed tomatoes, add 2 tablespoons of tomato paste, and simmer it on the stove until it thickens up. Then I smear that all over the top and sides just the way you would normally do with ketchup. All of the yum and none of the bad. :)

The mashed potatoes are actually half potato and half turnip. Rutabaga also works well. This way you get the potato taste, but with fewer empty carbohydrates and more nutrition. Instead of butter and cream, try some olive oil and a splash of chicken stock. Even better is if the chicken stock is homemade since the gelatin will make it especially smooth and delicious.

We had greens on the side as well, as you can see. Almost any green is great if you braise it with olive oil, garlic, and chicken stock.


Anonymous said...

We had leftover meatloaf tonight, made with 2 lbs ground bison and 1 ground lamb heart, though I did add some grated raw milk parmesan cheese to moisten the lean bison, add flavor, and help bind the meat. I used leftover pizza sauce to top it (crushed tomatoes cooked down with herbs and roasted garlic, bay leaf.


Anonymous said...

I've been experimenting with almond flour as a substitute for parmesan (when mixed with some sea salt, it can get that finely grated texture sometimes), as a sort of couscous-like "stuffing" ingredient for chicken (with chestnut paste &/or hazelnut flour and finely chopped veg). I can't believe how versatile it is, and I've used it in place of bread crumbs (though using a little less than you'd use if bread crumbs) in meatballs.

Your ideas are great, an your photos are appetizing & beautiful as always! I can't wait to try them, and Anna's ground lamb heart, too.

Thanks for this great idea about mashed potatoes, too, I've been craving them pretty badly lately, with visions of colcannon... and I've got a rutabega and a celery root in the fridge (I may have to add an actual potato) :D

Bryan - oz4caster said...

That looks like a great meal! Very nutritious too. Good job :)

Potatoes are not that bad for nutrition as they have some minerals like potassium as well as a little vitamin C.

Marc said...

First time visit.
Great blog and I like your easy red pepper sauce recipe.
Have a great day.


~M said...

Great blog! I use a combination of flax and almond meal instead of breadcrumbs for meatballs / meatloaf! And I usually through in some diced peppers and shredded carrots to get more vegetables into my husband and me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Elizabeth,

I was trying to find a way to email you, sorry for leaving this in the comments section.

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All the Best,

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Cindy said...

I nominated you for an Excellent blog award (late, of course). Check it out at Cindalou's. You already have a fan who found you from my post if you read the comments :)

Anonymous said...

... Potatoes and tomatoes are not paleo foods. They are from the mesolithic era. It drives me crazy to look for "paleo" recipes and find suggestions and ingredients that aren't paleo...

darc said...

@ Anonymous: so leave them out.

yuteralove said...
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