Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog Series?

I've been toying with the idea of doing a blog series. I've been wanting to eat more greens lately, so I thought I could combine the ideas and do a week-long series where each day I would make a different greens recipe (kale, collards, etc) and blog about it for you guys. What do you think? I already have ideas for some of the dishes I would make, and, hey, who couldn't stand to add more greens to their diet? ;)

EDIT: Sounds like the greens idea is on! I will collect my thoughts and recipes this week and I'll kick off the Greens Series next Monday, Feb 2.


Robin said...

Well, I for one am always in need of recipes for greens. They are almost absent from my diet simply because I don't know what to do with them. So, I would appreciate it.

Shamana Flora said...

oh man, i love my greens, i eat greens almost three times a day sinc emy garden is overflowing with them at the moment, i'd love t see your new recipies. some days i'm lazy and just eat greens satueed in butter with garlic and onion.

Jenny said...

I think it's a great idea! I love greens but only have about 2-3 standby recipes.

Anonymous said...

That would be great!! I eat so many greens and run out of ideas, your creativity would be much appreciated. Happy your back..keep em comin!!

Andy's Blog said...

Personally, it seems like I have limited ways to prepare greens: raw as in a salad, steamed, or grilled with some EVOO. So I always would welcome some new ideas.

Rachel said...

Ditto what Robin said!

Marc said...


Sounds like a good series, and one that I don't think has been done by anyone.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the input everyone! Sounds like the Greens Series is definitely a go. Check back starting next Monday, Feb 2 for the start of the series. :)

The SCD girl said...

I think this would be great, because I recently made some collard green. I cooked them in coconut oil for a while.

And then I chewed

and chewed

and chewed

and chewed

and I got so tired of chewing I put the rest away to eat another day.

I wonder if there is a better way!

Susan :)

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