Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Non-meat, non-egg, paleo breakfast

Does such a thing exist?! Yep, and I've eaten it for the past two days.

A coconut muffin made with almond flour, dried unsweetened coconut, and agave nectar. Sliced strawberries. Earl grey tea.

I'll do a muffin post soon because I have several different recipes to share.


Lauren said...

That muffins looks delish! I am looking for a good breakfast muffin recipe. Hopefully I can get inspired by your upcoming post! Will keep checking back for it.

Keep up the great work with the paleo cooking and blogging. Everything looks so fresh and wholesome!

Steve said...

Wow, that muffin really does look good. Since going paleo I've really missed things like morning muffins. Please do post your other muffin recipes.

Stina said...

I can't hardly wait for muffin recipe. You haven't by chance already posted it at MDC have you?

~M said...

I can't wait for you to post about that muffin! I just added your blog to my rss feeder!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what is paleo about almond flour or really any muffin. Certainly better than mainstream super processed flour but...

Khrystyna said...

Wow legend for the post I needed this recipe! I'm a recent paleo convert but I can't eat eggs! It makes breakfast very difficult I have to say especially when you can't amke the egg or the paleo pancake and muffin recipes either :( I just started my own blog chronicalling my change from a vegetarian to paleo diet:


I'd love it if you stopped by sometime, I love your recipes and it's great to see some other young women out there doing this!
Kay xx

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